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Dolomite Treks offers advice, local knowledge and expertise born of many years working in the field. Anna and Isabelle are not Alpine guides and any walking activities are entirely at your own risk.

Anna and Isabelle are freelance tour managers working through FUNActive Tours Travel Agency - Bahnhofstrasse 3, 39034 Toblach (BZ) - Via Stazione 3, 39034 Dobbiaco (BZ) - Tel. +39 0474 771210 - - - Funactive Tours GmbH | Srl - Von-Kurz-Strasse 25, 39039 Niederdorf (BZ) - Via Von Kurz 25, 39039 Villabassa (BZ) - VAT No. IT02622710214 and use the Dolomite Treks name and site for visibility purposes.