First World War trekking tours

Trekking day tours along the First World War Dolomite Front and other historic sites  

The little known World War One Dolomite front, bitterly fought over between Italy and Austria from 1915 to 1917, is a world that can only fully be discovered on foot. Walk through well-maintained trenches, fortifications and tunnels and hear all about the battles that took place there. An Oxford history graduate, Isabelle has made the Great War in Italy an area of specialist interest. Combine a walk with a museum or castle visit, perhaps to quirky Andraz castle or the fascinating Mondeval Museum in Selva di Cadore. Trekking trails of all sorts and difficulty levels.

Some Dolomite trekking trail options along the fascinating First World War front:

- a circular trekking route with open views to the Mt. Piana high plateau with its extensive trench and tunnel system (6 hours, gentle walking option available);

- explore the trenches and fortifications of Sass di Stria with spectacular views and descend in a fascinating well-preserved First World War tunnel (4-5 hours);

- an attractive panoramic walk with a pretty initial ascent and a middle section exploring WW1 trenches and positions around the Cinque Torri peaks (3.5-4 hours). 


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