A family hiking holiday

An ideal family hiking holiday in the Dolomites  

The Italian Dolomites are an ideal holiday destination for a family hiking holiday - ski lifts and tourist season buses mean you can get up to high altitudes easily for day hikes suitable for the whole family or simply a panoramic meal at a mountain hut. There are Dolomite hiking routes for all fitness levels here. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will look after you.

Some Dolomite family hiking trail options:

- take the Misurina chairlift to 2000 metres (6500 feet) and follow wide, even mountain paths to the Città di Carpi refuge and descend through pretty forests to the valley (4-5 hours);

- the Tre Cime circuit - a complete hiking circuit of the breathtakingly beautiful, world famous symbol of the Dolomites Unesco World heritage site. A pretty and straightforward hiking route with brief ups and downs throughout (4-5 hours);

- take the Cinque Torri chairlift to 2200 metres (7200 feet) for a highly panoramic hike around the Cinque Torri mountains with views of all of Cortina's most famous Dolomite mountains (4-5 hours).


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